About us

An Italian company with 40 years of experience in the air treatment sector. Since 1981 it has been manufacturing and offering innovative products for any solution: domestic, commercial and industrial.
Always attentive to the customer’s needs, Mitsui constantly proposes new solutions to achieve the ideal comfort in every environment, domestic and commercial.

The aim is to combine “quality” and “efficiency” and stems from the conviction that the best products can be developed and offered on the market in a variety of installation modes to satisfy every consumer need for service and well-being.a

Research & Development

MITSUI, in its continuous research and development of new products, has a staff of highly specialised technicians and engineers.
Supporting this team are laboratories, technical offices and research centres using sophisticated technologies with state-of-the-art research and development programmes.
The use of selected raw materials, together with a long and laborious testing phase in research laboratories, ensure our products’ high quality and reliability.

Certified quality

ISO 9001 certification is now the new, globally recognised benchmark for quality management system certification for organisations in all production sectors regardless of company size.

The mandatory energy label on all products helps consumers assess the quality of the air conditioner they are buying.

The CE mark establishes the conformity of all our products with applicable laws. The CE mark helps to assure the consumer of the safety of a product and distinguishes the reliability of the manufacturing company.

The RoHS directive imposes restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and has been ratified by the European Union with the aim of limiting the use of lead, mercury, hexavalent cadmium, PBB and PBDE in products placed on the market.

The product

Our product speaks Italian: the design and supply of the raw material are the result of Italian tradition, inventiveness and design.

Mitsui has and offers not only technologically advanced systems, but also aesthetically intriguing and exclusive products. Mitsui focuses its attention on continuous research between design and functionality.

As a result, the products are practical and effective but at the same time aesthetically refined and elegant so as to fit in with any style and living environment.
If previously these appliances were stored in covered spaces, now, on the contrary, they can be displayed.

After-sales service

Mitsui is constantly working to train its distributors, designers and installers.
Staff training is a priority and valuable investment for Mitsui. Promoting the preparation of our staff is essential in order to provide a service that is adequate and responsive to every request and need of the end user. This training takes place at the company itself, by qualified personnel.
This makes it possible to have at one’s disposal a wide range of equipment on which to carry out real tests and simulations to also touch and put into practice what is explained at a theoretical level. Training is therefore essential in order to improve product performance, plant operating life, reduce operating costs and meet customer requirements.

Mitsui has also created over the years an extensive network of professional partners and service centres located throughout Italy to offer adequate technical assistance in the shortest possible time.