Hybrid Wall / Arms system

DHW heating/cooling with solar group

Integrated system complete with: wall-mounted condensing boiler, air-water heat pump and solar thermal. For room heating/cooling and DHW production, connectable directly to solar panels.

System Composition

Air-to-water heat pump Full Inverter Monobloc

high-efficiency, super-compact for outdoor installation.

Wall-mounted condensing boiler - 24 / 32 kW

with ultra-flat aluminium exchanger, modulating total premix burner.

Vertical solar water heater in 316L stainless steel

high stratification, 150 litre capacity, for the production of domestic hot water also with electric resistance (optional).

Pre-assembled solar unit

with display, visualisation of system temperatures and switching on of modulating circulators, 'holiday' function to prevent overheating of solar collectors, 18-litre expansion tank.

Relay Kits

for heat pump and boiler management in relation to outside temperature.

Hydraulic and electrical kit

including 3-way valve with sanitary priority, 20-litre buffer tank to optimise the modulation accuracy of the heat pump, thermostatic mixing diverter valve, 6-litre sanitary expansion vessel, tap kit.

Incentivi Fiscali

Puoi usufruire dei bonus e degli incentivi fiscali  che garantiscono una parte o il pieno rimborso dell’importo versato, acquistando uno o più condizionatori e pompe di calore ad alta efficienza.