Heat pumps

Flexible system

Monobloc Line

Split Line

DHW Line

Fan Coil Design Line


Combination to maximise thermal functionality

Stoves and thermo stoves


Solar collectors

Electrical resistances
Combination for lower operating costs


Storage batteries

Home automation control

Combination with heating systems

Fan Coil unit

Radiant panels

Domestic hot water tank


Renewable Energy

Less impact and more savings

Heat pumps transfer energy, freely available in renewable sources such as soil, groundwater and air, to rooms or spaces with different temperature sources. 

They are thus the ideal solution for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions while preserving the planet. Typically, to supply 4kWh of thermal energy to the house, the heat pump absorbs 3kWh from the external environment and only 1kWh from the electricity grid. Therefore, we could say that approximately 75% of the energy produced comes from the external environment and the electricity input is only 25%.

Should the house have a photovoltaic panel system, then that 25% would also be saved as it is produced by solar energy at zero cost.