Flexible System

Residential / Commercial

The compact and efficient all-in system that provides heating, cooling and domestic hot water with a single multi-split outdoor unit.

Cooling via direct expansion: match with wall, cassette, ducted or floor-to-ceiling units.
Heating via direct expansion: match with wall, cassette, ducted or floor-ceiling units.
Hydronic heating via radiant system.
DHW production (via DHW storage tank) for domestic hot water production

System Composition

1 Outdoor unit

A single outdoor unit

for cooling and heating using renewable resources. Easy installation with minimum space requirements, 1 hydronic unit and up to 3 indoor units can be connected.

Up to 3 indoor units selectable from various types: wall, console, floor/ceiling, cassette and ducted.

Indoor unit

for summer and winter air conditioning, for maximum comfort and design. All indoor units can be controlled independently.


Hydronic indoor unit

Hydronic module for heating and DHW production, compact size, easy to install, does not require major renovation.

For the production of domestic hot water.

ACS kettle

The Multi Split Quadri unit works in combination with the hydronic indoor unit to produce DHW and store water inside the DHW cylinder.