Dynamic R-Evolution line

Ultra-high-efficiency air-conditioning system of the latest generation

Maximum comfort and efficiency in all seasons: dedicated to the most demanding customers, the Dynamic R-Evolution line is the spearhead of the Mitsui offer. Each split encloses a series of functions that enhance the quality of living, organised in a simple and intuitive interface. Discover below the most innovative technologies at the service of well-being and energy saving.

Comfort: with 20dB quietness, follow me sensor and 3D airflow.
Energy efficiency: inverter technology with class A+++ and high COP performance.
Purification: air with antibacterial filter, plasma ion generator and self-cleaning filters.
Wi-Fi included: wi-fi connectivity and remote control.
Increased surface area: the finned area of the indoor unit has been increased by 43,3%.

Simplified installation: rotating front panel that makes access to the unit easy.
Easy cleaning: easy accessibility that makes cleaning inside the unit quick and easy.
Simplified maintenance: simple steps provide access to the unit’s internal mechanics and electronics.

Mono Inverter

Internal Unit Power Supply: 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
External Unit Power Supply: 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
Heating (capacity): 10700 (3000-15000) BTU/h
Heating (COP): 4.60
Cooling (capacity): 9300 (4500-13000) BTU/h
Cooling (EER): 4.40
Dimensions of Indoor Unit (WxDxH): 840x225x295 mm
Dimensions of Outdoor Unit (WxDxH): 765x303x555 mm
Refrigerant: R32

Indoor Unit Power Supply: 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
External Unit Power Supply: 220-240/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
Heating (capacity): 13500 (3000-15550) BTU/h
Heating (COP): 4.00
Cooling (capacity): 12000 (4500-13500) BTU/h
Cooling (EER): 3.80
Dimensions of Indoor Unit (WxDxH): 840x225x295 mm
Dimensions of Outdoor Unit (WxDxH): 765x303x555 mm
Refrigerant: R32

Larger exchange surface area

The finned surface of the indoor unit has been increased by 43.4 per cent to increase airflow and quietness, placing the efficiency of this new air conditioner at the top of its category.

Innovative construction layout

The total redesign of the indoor unit allows for simplified access to the filters located above the evaporator without requiring the removal of the front panel for periodic maintenance; if necessary, the electronic control board is located at the front behind the panel for quick and easy access by the technician, and installation is facilitated thanks to the template equipped with a spirit level for correct assembly even up to 5cm from the ceiling.


3D Air Flow: the vertical and horizontal oscillation of the baffles enables even air distribution, or its concentration at the desired point.

Silent: with a sound level of only 20dB, the Dynamic air conditioner guarantees quietness and tranquillity.

Follow Me: this innovative function causes the air conditioner to modulate its output according to the temperature detected by the sensor inside the remote control. This allows you to move around the house without worrying about changing the climate settings, which will always ensure maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption based on your position.

Energy efficiency

A++: maximum efficiency at the service of your home.

High COP (Coefficient Of Performance): all models in the Dynamic line guarantee excellent heat output per kW in heating mode.


Anti-Bacterial Filter: the first line of defence against dust, pollen and other impurities. The high-intensity antibacterial filter traps the heaviest particles, preventing external pollutants from entering.

Plasma Ions: the plasma ion generator captures and eliminates germs, bacteria and bad odours, providing an additional level of protection for the home.

Self-cleaning Filters: for a short period after switching off, the air conditioner continues to operate at minimum power, reversing the work cycle: this allows any condensation that may have formed inside to dry out, preventing the formation of mould.

Wi-fi included

Wi-Fi Included: the Wi-Fi card is already integrated in the terminal and does not require any set-up work. The customer only has to configure his preferred app from his smartphone.

Larger exchange surface area
innovative construction layout
Wi-fi included
Antibacterial filter
high density
Extremely silent
Frost protection A 8°C*
FOLLOW ME - eco sensor
Energy saving
Easy installation, maintenance and cleaning